Wednesday, March 7, 2018

'Beyond the Hill' Includes 'FOB Haiku' Poet

Published by the U.K.-based Lost Tower Publications, a small press founded in 2010 by author P.J. Reed, the anthology "Beyond the Hill" comprises approximately 75 war poems from more than 50 poets.

"Poets from America, Armenia, Canada, China, England, India, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, and Sri Lanka have all offered their very differing interpretations of modern warfare," writes Reed in the introduction. "Some have experienced war first-hand as soldiers on the battlefield, while others offer a commentary on war seen from the outside."

While the collection is assuredly international, a number of U.S. poets will be recognized by readers of the Red Bull Rising blog, including: Paul David Adkins (author of "Flying Over Baghdad with Sylvia Plath" and "Operational Terms & Graphics"); Randy Brown ("Welcome to FOB Haiku") The Deadly Writers Patrol's William Schuth; and Lisa Stice ("Uniform").

The 114-page, 5x8-inch book may be purchased for $25 U.S. via this link.

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